International Mail Forwarding

International Mail Forwarding Service

What is International Mail Forwarding?

International mail forwarding service is used to send clients their mail from the US to another country (foreign mail). This can be done by either traditional physical mail forwarding or mail scanning to a virtual mailbox. The scanning of mail to someone overseas improves wait time and prevents lost or damaged envelopes and packages. When you have your mail physically forwarded, you will have it processed by multiple mail rooms with multiple foreign employees. This can turn into big problems. A mail forwarding service that sends international mail scans may be the safest and most secure way of mail transport for international mail forwarding.

International mail forwarding and International mail scanning are both offered by Sasquatch Mail. The premier international mail shipping service. Choosing a mail forwarding service to cater to international clients should not just be a draw from the hat decision. Any little company can slap together a website and say they are a mail forwarding service. But when the mail piles up and half the office is out for the day, do you think you will get your mail on time or even have a phone call answered? Trust is something earned. We at Sasquatch Mail want to earn that trust with our international mail forwarding service. We will get the job done until you are 100% satisfied.

These three components listed below are the major functions of our international mail forwarding service:

  • US Mailing Address
  • International Mail Scanning & Forwarding Service
  • Virtual Mailbox

With this trifecta of foreign mail forwarding services, you will have everything you need to manage your international mail. We strive to give you security, privacy and control. What that means is we keep your mail documents secure under lock and watch. We do not let your information leave our facility unless shipped or shredded and we want you to have simple control over your international mail. You decide what gets destroyed, shipped or stored. Just a click of a button and we perform all the work for you. Simple interface is one of our goals for you.

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US Mailing Address for International Mail Forwarding

Get foreign mail anywhere with our US mailing address. The mail sent for you or your company will arrive at our address. The mail is then processed for your viewing through a digital mailbox. Virtual mail will save you time over lengthy International mail shipping, not to mention pricey International postage costs. USA mail forwarding to your location is simple and efficient. There are many ways that you can use our US mailing address other than just international mail forwarding.

US Mailing Address Uses

  • A Real USA Street Address

  • High Level of Service

  • Contact Information

  • USA On Site Mail Storage

  • Trusted Location Address

A real USA street address will give you the power to receive items from many couriers. There are some couriers that just won't deliver to a PO Box. We are not a PO Box shop. We offer top quality address service with individuals to big businesses in mind. Use the real USA street address on applications, registrations and required mailings.

Many companies offer an address for international mail forwarding and that's it. The level of service determines your experience with mail forwarding internationally. We offer a full service approach to mail forwarding. With our US mailing address use, we offer scanning, shredding and storage.

USA Mail Address

Use your US mailing address for contact information with business dealings. Put the US mailing address on your website for the contact section. Use the address for online selling companies that deal with merchandise. Give the address to your domain registration for contact information.

On site mail storage in the USA for your US mail. You can elect to have all or some of your mail stored at our secure facility for future use. Keeping your physical mail at our safe location in the US is a great cost effective way to store your mail. You can still access the scans of your mail anywhere and at anytime.

International Mail Scanning Service

International mail scanning service is used for real time instant viewing of your mail. When mail arrives at your new US mailing address, it will be accepted and guarded trough the processing steps we perform for you. Our international mail scanning service gives you instant access to US mail documents.

The received mail for overseas forwarding is processed in this order:

1. The mail arrives at your designated address.

2. We scan the mail contents into your online digital mailbox.

3. You get a notification by email that the mail is ready to view.

4. View your mail and decide what to do next through your virtual mailbox account.


Your address will be your US mail forwarding gateway. Give out your unique street address located in the United States. The address will have a suite number that is assigned only to you or your company. You will have the exclusive rights to this address during your paid plan.

The mail that arrives at your address is quickly processed for the next steps in your international mail forwarding. The mail that arrives for you is opened and scanned into your online account. Both sides of the envelopes contents are scanned. The mail is then placed in your 30 day free storage area to await your orders.

An email will be sent to the email address associated with your paid plan account for mail forwarding. You will be notified that you have received new mail ready for viewing. This notification gives you the ability to view the scanned mail in real time.

After you login to your account and view the scanned mail, you decide what the mail room does next. With a simple click of a button, you control the next step. You can have the mail forwarded through international shipping. The mail can be destroyed or you can have the mail stored for future use at our secure facility in Post Falls, ID USA.

We offer mailing addresses in CaliforniaDelaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, and Wyoming.

Virtual Mailbox Account Online

Using your fingertips to access your online mailbox is just like reaching in to your home mailbox. Your online mailbox is organized with the work done for you. We open and scan your mail so that you can see your scanned paper documents from anywhere with internet service. Use virtual mailboxes to view scanned mail and also to decide whats next.

Virtual mailbox actions:

1. Store Mail

2. Shred & Destroy

3. Forward by International Shipment

Action 1. - All mail plans comes with 30 days of storage for free. This way, you have plenty of time to decide what to do with your original copies of mail documents. Long term storage is an option if you want to go past the initial free storage period of 30 days. Storing mail would be an option for someone who wants all of their mail sent together to another address in the future. Or maybe you just want a guarded facility to watch over your stored mail.

Virtual Mailbox Actions

Action 2. - If you are done with the original mail documents, we will shred and destroy the scanned documents for free. The scanned mail will be shredded and recycled to keep you private and secure. There is not a limit of scanned mail to be destroyed.  See our security actions.


Action 3. - Mail can be shipped to your location with overseas mail forwarding. When you need an original sent to your location, select the foreign mail forwarding option after viewing the scanned mail. An International postage rate and handling fee of less than a dollar will apply with foreign mail.

International mail forwarding of envelopes and packages can be obtained with Sasquatch Mail. Have any desired mail sent to your via International foreign shipping. Mail forwarding is not necessary, just an option. You can see your scanned mail in real time.

Rent a USA address now for only $9.99!

Mail Forwarding Service Price

$9.99/ monthly
or $99.99 / year
Get Started
  • Scans: $2 flat rate per standard envelope
  • Physically mail after scanning (optional): $2 plus postage
  • No postage deposit required
  • 30 day free physical storage
  • Free shred and recycle
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number)
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Optional Phone Service: $9 monthly (free 60-day trial!)