Virtual Office

Virtual Office Building

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office space is traditionally a street address for rent with phone service. The virtual office will give a business nexus appearance in the corporate world or for small businesses. A true virtual office will have a respectable business address, mail forwarding capabilities, an online account and phone service. Do not confuse a PO Box shop with a virtual office space provider. A real street address makes a huge difference over a PO Box. The best virtual office services will include a form of mail scanning for your documents.  Real time viewing of your mail is a possibility with instant viewing from scanning of mail.

Virtual office services provide options for individuals and businesses that want an online mail room with phone service. People and companies that benefit from our virtual office service program are expats, privacy protectors, travelers and business owners. Mail scanning service and mail forwarding service are the best perks of a virtual office.  You complete the whole package with phone service. Virtual office service from sasquatch mail can be broken down in the following 6 parts of virtual office success.

Office Address – Virtual Address for Businesses or Individuals

Mail Forwarding – Mail Physically Sent to Your Address by Courier Services

Mail Scanning – Mail Scanned to a Digital Mailbox Online for Anytime Viewing

Phone Service – A Phone Number that Forwards to Your Phone for Business Calls

Package Forwarding – Forward Boxes to Your Address from the Virtual Office Address

Virtual Mailbox Center – View & Store Scanned Mail without Digital Storage Limits

All of these combined services come together to form an affordable virtual office with all the perks. Get a business address, mail scanning, mail forwarding and total control with an online virtual office mailbox. Mail address service with all the bells and whistles is a reality with sasquatch mail. Compare us to other mail virtual office providers here. You will see that we are honest, affordable and give you all the options you may need with a virtual office space.

How Virtual Office Service Works

  1. Order services from our secure online ordering system.

  2. Receive your account login information and mailing address.

  3. Get a business phone number, if selected.

  4. List your address and phone number where you need to.

  5. When we get mail for you, it will be scanned into your digital mailbox for further instructions.


How Virtual Office Service Works

There is not a contract with sasquatch mail with insane hidden clauses for cancellation. If you are finished with the virtual office service, you can very easily stop service without any penalties. We try to make a easy, affordable and useful policy that helps you manage your virtual offices with satisfaction.

Begin by ordering a service plan for mail forwarding and add phone service to your monthly plan. Our website accepts major debit and credit cards.

Your account login information will be available to you right away. List your virtual office mail forwarding address to receive mail forwarding. Once we receive the required information from you for mail forwarding, you can list your address and start to receive mail forwarding. Your phone number will be a forwarding phone number and you will be able to choose the area code. When someone calls the phone number, it will be forwarded to the phone of your choosing. Cell phones are the handiest for call forwarding.

The last step of the virtual office service process is actually getting mail at your new virtual office space. Any mail that arrives for your suite number will be opened and scanned into your online digital mailbox. Open the virtual mailbox to view the images of your scanned mail. You can then decide what happens to the mail next.

Virtual Office Address for Mailing & Phone

Mail address service with an office mailbox. Get a virtual business address that you deserve. Our facility is a 28,000+ square feet building with a large team of employees working hard for you and your mail forwarding needs. Your virtual office will have a professional appearance and quality service. The facility that handles your mail forwarding, mail scanning and phone services is located at 784 S. Clearwater Loop, Post Falls ID 83854. We also offer mail forwarding addresses in Delaware, Florida and Wyoming!

You can list the virtual address on multiple forms, products and directories as shown below:

  • Business Cards – Show a professional appearance with your new corporate headquarters.

  • Letterhead – Finish the look on your invoices and stationary with your new custom address.

  • Domain Registrations – Forget about listing your home address on domain registrations.

  • Corporation or Company Articles – Stay private with a prestigious mailing address.

  • US Address for Overseas Business Owners – Stay connected with US parties with a USA address.

  • Online Business Registrations – Hit the superhighway and list your business online with privacy.

  • Corporate Mailing Headquarters – Give a very professional look with your new HQ.

  • Website Contact – Give the address out for contact info. Stay connected in real time.

  • And much more! The sky is the limit. There are situations every day that you need an address for.

The virtual office mailing address will include a unique suite number that is assigned to you alone. Include the suite number on your listings for business addresses and your own digital office space will receive the mail, process it and upload it into your online account. Your new office mailbox will be like having an extra employee without the high costs.

RV travelers love our mail address service. You can be anywhere in the country and still get your mail the day it arrives with our mail scanning address. The best scanning service is offered by sasquatch mail. Read more about RV travel mail service.

Privacy guardians also enjoy the safety and security of our mail forwarding address. Many measures are in place to make sure your privacy stays in place. Once mail comes to our facility, you will be fully protected. Read about our security measures.

Virtual Office Mail Forwarding Services

Premium mail forwarding services with an affordable virtual office mailing address. Forwarding services are when we physically forward mail to you via the USPS or FedEx. Such cases that call for physical mail forwarding would be if you get a pay to the order of check or important document and you need the original. Most cases of mail forwarding will be handled by mail scanning. But in the rare case you need the original, the cost is minimum. We charge $2 plus postage. You select the postage that works for you. Compare that to our competitors and we will see you back here in no time! Our virtual office mail forwarding is simple and just makes sense.

Mail Forwarding Perks:

  • Choose Postage Type
  • Send Only What You Need
  • Package Forwarding Available


Mail Scanning Services

Mail scanning services that deliver instant real time mail viewing. We scan mail when it arrives straight into your virtual mailbox. The mail scan will be waiting for you to view in real time. See all the contents of the scanned envelope on your browser. Go through past mailings and decide what you want done with the originals. Your virtual office mail scanning account does not have a storage limit. You will be able to view all your mail scans, all the time.

Mail Scanning Perks:

  • View Mail in Real Time
  • Organize Mail Online
  • Unlimited Digital Storage
Virtual Office Phone Services

Virtual Office Phone Service

Choose any area code you would like for your virtual office phone. We make virtual office phone service simple. Purchase cheap virtual office service from us. For as low as $18.99 a month, you can have a virtual office with documents scanning, mail forwarding and phone service. You can match the area code to the facility address or you can choose to have an area code for another location. You are given flexible options with virtual office phone service. Have phone calls routed to any phone number you choose. Never miss another call when using your cell phone!

Premium Virtual Office Mailbox Center

Your virtual mailbox center is where you can control your digital mail room. Buy our virtual office service for your business mailbox and you will have a full digital mail room at your fingertips. Login to your digital mailbox and get your document scanning in real time.

Virtual Mailbox

How Virtual Mailbox Works

  1. You will receive an email with notification that you have mail.

  2. Login to your digital mailbox.

  3. Look up the mail and view it in real time.


You can decide to have your mail physically forwarded, stored at our facility or shredded and destroyed. The virtual mailbox give you all options in real time. An online PO Box can do so much more and in many cases, it is far cheaper too.

Virtual Office Package Forwarding Service

Package forwarding service with your virtual office covers boxes and packages that come to your mailing address. Most mail forwarding delivery services offer package forwarding. But check out the fine print. You will be charged a hefty price to forward that package. We want to help you, not overcharge you.

Sign up for a virtual office space.

Mail Forwarding Service Price

$9.99/ monthly
or $99.99 / year
Get Started
  • Scans: $2 flat rate per standard envelope
  • Physically mail after scanning (optional): $2 plus postage
  • No postage deposit required
  • 30 day free physical storage
  • Free shred and recycle
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number)
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Optional phone service add $9