Mail Scanning FAQs

Q. Is the mail scanning free?

A. There a flat fee of $2 per standard envelope to open and scan all pages to your account.

Q. Can I see the mail scanned online?

A. Yes. Just login to your online account to view mail.

Mail Forwarding FAQs

Q. Are both sides of mail pages scanned?

A. Yes. You will be able to view the contents of the mail in it's entirety.

Q. How long does the scan take before I can view the mail?

A. You can view your mail in real time. See the scanned mail instantly in your digital mailbox.

Q. Is the scanned mail available for download?

A. Go to your online mail account and choose the scan that you want downloaded.

Q. Is junk mail scanned?

A. No. We discard junk mail and it will not be counted towards your totals when having mail forwarded

Q. When is the mail that has been delivered scanned?

A. We scan mail daily to our customers digital mailbox.

Q. Do I need to be a citizen of the US to sign up for mail scanning and mail forwarding?

A. No. If you need an address for mailing in the USA, Sasquatch Mail has your solution for mail forwarding.

Q. Can I get the original copy of the mail after it is scanned?

A. Yes. Your scanned mail is out in a free 30 day storage. You can decide to have any of your mail physically forwarded to your address for just $2 plus postage.

Q. Is there a limit of how much mail I can get in a month?

A. No! Have as much mail as you would like sent. The flat rate for standard envelope scanning never changes.

Q. Is there an expiration date for scanned mail?

A. No. You can look up mail in your digital mailbox all the way from the beginning of your service.


Mail Forwarding FAQs

Q. When is my mail physically forwarded?

A. You choose when your mail will be sent, if at all.

Q. What courier is the mail forwarding shipped through?

A. Choose between the USPS (United States Postal Service) and FedEx for your physical shipment.

Q. Are packages and boxes covered in mail forwarding from Sasquatch Mail?

A. Yes. Pay the shipping cost from the USPS or FedEx and a handling fee. We are package forwarders that you can trust.

Q. Where can the scanned mail be physically forwarded to?

A. We ship mail all over the world. You choose the method of shipping and we will get the mail forwarded to you.

Q. Is there a limit on how much mail can be forwarded to my location?

A. No. You can send as much mail as you like.

Q. What is the requirement to purchase mail forwarding service?

A. USPS Form 1583 is a requirement from the United States Post Office. We will help you get the form completed.

Q. Can mail be sent for individuals or businesses at the forwarding mail address?

A. Both. Just make sure the suite number is included with the address that we issue you.

Q. What address is issued for mail forwarding services after payment is made?

A. We offer addresses in California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois and Wyoming!

Q. What happens when I reach my 30 day mail storage limit?

A. If you do not elect to take action on your scanned mail, the envelope and contents will be destroyed.

Q. Can I change the address to have mail sent to?

A. Yes. Use your online account to make adjustments to your address. This is a must for RV mail forwarding recipients.


Virtual Office FAQs

Q. What is a virtual office?

A. A virtual office is a private address in our building with a unique suite number, mail forwarding, an office lease, and phone service.

Q. Can I order more than one virtual office phone number for my mail address service?

A. Yes. Add on as many lines as you need. You can even assign different area codes for your phone numbers

Q. How do I manage my online mailroom for my forwarding address?

A. Login to your account and go to your virtual mailbox. You will be able to manage your mail online.

Q. What is the lowest cost for virtual office mailbox forwarding with phone?

A. Pay only $18.00 a month for our lowest virtual office plan.

Q. How is virtual mail forwarding handled?

A. Mail will be scanned to your digital mailbox and you will be able to manage the mail scan when viewing your account.

Q. Do I need an old fashioned phone to make and receive calls for my virtual office?

A. No way. You can have your new phone number forwarded to any phone you please. Have the number forwarded to your cell phone and never miss an important business call again.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee for ending my virtual office rent contract?

A. There are no penalties. Cancel your service at any time.