About Us

Deep in the dark woods of the Pacific Northwest, there lives a tall, hairy legend so compelling that he is known throughout the world. Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch—thousands have tried in vain to find where he lives, but no one ever has.

I guess you could say, we like his style.

Is it part of his secret that he uses our virtual office service so he can:
• Use a unique physical address in the state of his choice, leaving his own address off the map
• Can view the full contents of all his mail online from anywhere
• Request original copies with the click of a button
• Talk, text, and view voice mail on a local number in a state of his choice?

The answer is a RESOUNDING—we’ll never tell. Because our business is built on customer privacy.

We do not sell client information. We never have and never will.

We do not contract out services, which means we don’t leave room for less discerning companies to let your information fall through the cracks.

Our business model is built on privacy. We value yours, too.

We started as a small physical mail forwarding company. As technology has allowed, we’ve grown slowly into a company that focuses on virtual mail services. But as our namesake would want, we’ve only done so as our own ability to offer it securely has grown with it. We own all our own servers and employ our own IT security department. Your information is not stored on a third party server (as is the case with most of our competition). We’ve since expanded into Delaware, Florida, and Wyoming.

We may have grown more slowly because of policies like this, but that’s OK with us because we’re playing the long game. We’ll still be here when the others are gone.

We retain the clients we obtain because we are simple, we are personal, and we do not put our clients’ privacy at risk to further our own interests. Period.