Expat Mail

Expat Mail Forwarding

What is Expat Mail Forwarding?

Expat mail forwarding for expatriates living in another country because of work or other residency reasons. A skilled worker or professional will want to keep getting their mail from the US when in another country performing their duties. Mail forwarding for expats is a necessity when managing your mail from overseas. Mail scanning of expat mail makes sure the mail will never get lost because of your digital record of scanned mail documents.  Use expat mail forwarding to stay in touch, pay bills and receive important legal notices from 3rd parties to your legal address in the US.  Expat mail forwarding management could not be any easier.

Having a trusted company like Sasquatch Mail handling your personal and sensitive information in the form of mail is an important step in maintaining your privacy. Do not trust a second rate business to process your expat mail forwarding. Your new mail forwarding plan with Sasquatch Mail will come with a number of free scans a month. After you view the scan of your mail from the United States, you can choose what to do with it next. Ship the mail or package to your location, store the mail at our facility or have it destroyed. The choice will always be yours. It is your digital mail room and you run it with just a few clicks.

Reasons to Have Expat Mail Forwarding

  • Customs - Forget the hassle and annoyance of Federal custom forms to forward mail overseas. Let us handle your mail with a scan. The mail scan will show up in your account instantly. This avoids all the red tape and wait time of international mail shipping with customs declarations.
  • Junk Mail - Do not pay for unwanted junk mails being shipped to your location internationally. Our trained experts weed out junk mail and dispose of it securely. We leave the junk out of your life.
  • Online Shopping - When you begin your new adventure overseas, you may find a few things that you were not aware of. One being, some of your favorite websites may not ship to your new host country. Use our address for your shopping needs and we will get the packages to your location.

Top expat mail forwarding services:

  • Mailing Address Service
  • International Business Mail Forwarding
  • Virtual Mail Forwarding
  • Virtual Office Option

What is Mailing Address Service for Expats?

When working abroad, having a concierge mail service like sasquatch mail can make life much easier for yourself. Use your mailing address service in the US to stay connected to personal and business contacts. While living abroad, you can have purchases shipped to your USA mailing address we provide to you. Many websites based in the United States will not ship to other countries that you may be in. Your new address is your connection to the United States when living elsewhere in the world.

Use your American address for more than just a shopping delivery service. You can use your US address for business purposes such as opening a new company with Articles of Organization. List the address on your website and for contact information. When living abroad, expat mail service is your connection back to the United States. Many institutions may require a physical address for processing certain services. This is where your new mailing address can come in handy. Think voter registrations, motor vehicle offices and government agencies like the internal revenue service. Stay current and connected with your rent US address.

Our mailing address that we rent out to you is a beautiful building in an area that focuses on business. Located on S Clearwater Loop in Post Falls Idaho, this facility will give a great impression on your personal or business life. You will not be questioned on the professionalism of this location when giving out your information to 3rd parties.

Our building is dedicated to mail forwarding concierge services for individuals or businesses alike. Search for other national mail forwarding businesses and you will not see a level of dedication, responsibility and security we have to your mail and sensitive information. We offer a mailing address that you can count on in the United States.

We also offer mail forwarding addresses in Delaware, Florida and Wyoming!

What is International Business Mail Forwarding?

International business mail forwarding is when you have your mail sent to another country for business purposes. This service is one that is popular with expats wanting mail forwarding service. International business mail forwarding can make it easier to receive your important business documents. Skip the multiple customs stops that have lost or stolen mail frequently. Have your mail sent to you digitally over the internet or have the mail sent to a location of your choosing for forwarding.

Make sure you stay private as an expat with International business mail forwarding. Our expat concierge service will physically forward your mail to another country. You choose what address to have the mail sent to. Having multiple employees and separate mail rooms handling your mail in another country can be worrisome. You will feel safe knowing your mail isn't being stolen or tampered with when using our service direct to you.


With international business mail forwarding you can have the following:

Digital Mail Room in the United States - Business mail is stored for your account. You choose what we do with the mail. Destroy the business mail. Ship the business mail internationally or keep it locked up in our facility.

United States Address for Business - Use our address with your own suite number. If you need a United States address for business purposes, simply list your new purchased address for international business shipping.

Instant Access to Business Documents - See your mail as soon as it is scanned in the US. Once your mail is opened and both sides of pages have been scanned into your account, you will get an email notification to login and view your business mail.

Business Privacy Protection - Shredding and destroying of documents are standard practices at our facility. Your information will be kept safe while in our hands.  Read more of security here.

What is Virtual Mail Forwarding for Expats?

Virtual mail forwarding for expats is a service when you are able to get your mail in the virtual world. It can take a long time to get physical mail forwarded internationally. Scanning the mail and putting it in your virtual mailbox is quicker and more efficient than traditional mail forwarding for expats. With a virtual mailbox to store your virtual mail forwarding, you can keep your expat mail organized.

Get your mail anywhere in the world in scan form. We do not slap on GB (gigabyte) restrictions when it comes to your virtual mail. Your mail will be in your virtual mailbox to see with no expiration dates. Free cloud storage of scanned documents is something that makes our clients very happy. It is a truly unique way to keep your mail documents organized and ready for reference at the click of a button.


Expat Mail Forwarding Explained

The virtual mail is forwarded to you in these steps:

1. Mail is received, opened and the contents of the envelopes (both sides of each page) are scanned.

2. The scans of the mail are uploaded to your virtual mailbox.

3. Login to see your expat mail forwarding in real time. No more waiting days or weeks to view your US mail.

Add Phone Service for Expatriates

Virtual mail forwarding for a virtual office comes with phone service. Use this total office solution for expatriate mail forwarding when living overseas for business. You can give a US business presence with a virtual office space. US mailing address, mail forwarding, mail scanning, virtual mailbox and phone service complete the US business nexus. You can order virtual office service with expatriate mail forwarding by selecting one of our plans and adding US phone service for only $9.00 a month. Stay connected when living overseas with expatriate virtual office service.

Expat Mail Forwarding Phone

Order mail forwarding service from Sasquatch Mail for only $9.99 a month! You can add a phone line to make it a virtual office for just $18.99 a month. Mail scans are charged at a flat rate of $2 per standard sized envelope and physical mail forwarding, when needed, is only $2 plus postage. Compare that to other mail forwarders and you will see there is only one smart choice. Get started now!

Mail Forwarding Service Price

$9.99/ monthly
or $99.99 / year
Get Started
  • Scans: $2 flat rate per standard envelope
  • Physically mail after scanning (optional): $2 plus postage
  • No postage deposit required
  • 30 day free physical storage
  • Free shred and recycle
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number)
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Optional Phone Service: $9 monthly (free 60-day trial!)