Secured Privacy

Secured Privacy for Private Mail Forwarding

Secured privacy is something you need with mail forwarding.  You have a mail forwarding subscription for a reason and we know that. We will do everything in our power to keep you private. Your information is never shared with the public or any advertising agencies. From online viewing security measures to secure shredding and destruction, we have your privacy on our agenda. From initial acceptance from the post office or a courier to the final destination, your mail is 100% safe with sasquatch mail.  You can count on our secured privacy.

Four layers of security protection for your online mail:

  • Online Mail Security

  • Safe Mail Forwarding

  • Secure Shredding

  • Mail Security Storage

Online Mail Security

Online mail security is something we take seriously. As an authorized Commercial Mail Receiving Agency approved by the United States Postal Service, we follow strict procedures to ensure that your online mail experience is enhanced with security. Your private mail in your online account will be safe and secure. Enhanced encryption gives you a shield to protect your identity and information online.

Online Mail Secured Privacy
Secured Privacy Safe Mail Forwarding

Safe Mail Forwarding

All employees that handle mail must go through a strict background check before they can handle such sensitive material at our secure mail headquarters. The mail is transferred to a location that you request through one of our mail couriers. You can choose secured mail forwarding services through the USPS and FedEx. We offer mail forwarding service that you can trust.

Secure Shredding

We use Sasquatch sized shredding machines to pulverize your scanned mail to smithereens. The mail is then sent out to be recycled. We are in the paper document scanning business and it is our responsibility to make sure there are trees left to enjoy.

Secured Privacy Shredding

Secured Privacy Mail Storage

When you want mail stored at our facility, you get more than an envelope tossed into a box. We keep your scanned documents under locked doors, surveillance equipment and constant monitoring. Privacy and security are our main concern when handling your important and sensitive documents. Stay private with a safe forwarding service you can trust.