Forward USPS Mail Guide

How to Forward USPS Mail

This guide on how to forward USPS mail explains two ways the Post Office system will forward your mail that is transported by the United States Postal Service.

This lesson is about going through the USPS to handle your personal address. Forwarding USPS mail is not to be confused with mail forwarding service offered by Sasquatch Mail.


USPS Regular Forward Mail

This way of forwarding mail offered by the USPS will change your address in their postal system. The postal authority allows your to change your address for a short time, a year, or permanently. If you are doing a short term forwarding request, you can have it last for as little as 15 days or six months. To get a year of forwarding, request another six months once the initial six month period has expired.

To accomplish this request with the United States Postal Service, follow these simple steps.

  1. Have a credit card handy, there is a $1 verification charge, and go to:
  2. Choose if the move is for an individual or a family household. A name, email address and phone number will be provided.
  3. Enter the information of your old address.
  4. Select the type of move (Permanent or Temporary) and supply the date to start forwarding mail with the USPS and an end date if temporary.
  5. Enter in your new address.
  6. Check out for your $1 charge and you are done!


USPS Premium Forwarding Service

For a fee of over $1,000 a year, the USPS will forward your mail with priority mail postage to an address for you. This can be done for two weeks or a maximum of 52 weeks. You can not use this service for an APO, FPO, DPO or zip codes starting with 969.

Read on to learn the process of signing up.

  1. Sign into your account or create a new one.
  2. Enter in your primary address, temporary address and forwarding schedule.
  3. Pay the charges.


Mail Forwarding with Sasquatch Mail

Forwarding mail with Sasquatch Mail gives you a private address to use for yourself or your business. When mail arrives to your paid address, we open the envelopes and scan the contents to you. This gives you mail very quickly, in fact…instantly! We can also forward your physical copies by USPS or FedEx if you are in need of them, if not, they will be destroyed and recycled. The rate for mail scanning on standard size envelopes is a flat fee of $2. The optional physical forwarding of hard copies will run you $2 plus postage. With our mail forwarding plan being $9.99 a month, these are prices that you can appreciate.


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