Wyoming Mail Forwarding

What is Wyoming Mail Forwarding?

Wyoming mail forwarding is a service purchased that gives you options for your public mailing address. Envelopes and packages will be sent to your purchased forwarding address and then that mail will be forwarded to your local private address anywhere in the world. Wyoming mail forwarding can be sent through mail document scanning or physical mail forwarding through FedEx or the USPS.

Get the most out of WY mail forwarding with a service that offers more than just the basics of mail forwarding. Buy mail forwarding with mail scanning, physical forwarding, virtual mailbox, unlimited scanned mail storage and virtual office space options. We offer mail forwarding service in Wyoming for only $9.99 a month! Any mail that comes in will be scanned at $2 for a standard sized envelope and physical mail will be shipped to you at $2 plus postage. Getting mail physically sent from Wyoming to your location is only an option.

Wyoming mail forwarding services from Sasquatch Mail.

Wyoming mail forwarding services from Sasquatch Mail is an easy and cost effective WY mail forwarding services plan. Use your new mail forwarding address in Sheridan, Wyoming to receive personal or business mail. Sasquatch Mail opens your delivered envelopes and scans the contents to your online virtual mailbox for quick and easy viewing. You can also have mail physically forwarded to your address when you need an original copy of the scanned mail. In most cases, mail scanning will be enough. But if you have a check or important documents that you need the original for, physical mail forwarding is a great option. See an example of your new forwarding address below.

We also offer mail forwarding addresses in CaliforniaDelaware, Idaho Illinois, and Wyoming!

Wyoming Mail Scanning

Wyoming mail scanning is when we receive mail for you or your company at our secure mail facility and then scan it to your online account for reading. You will have unlimited digital storage on scanned mail for your virtual mailbox. With mail scanning from WY, you will have your mail in real time for instant viewing.

Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Wyoming mail forwarding involves receiving your mail at our address and then the mail is forwarded by the USPS or FedEx to your location rom Wyoming. Choose what mail will be physically forwarded and choose the type of delivery. Mail is only physically shipped to your address when you want it to be shipped. If all you need is mail scanning, don't ship anything that isn't needed.

How to Order Mail Forwarding Service

Order mail forwarding service online or over the phone. We just need a little information from you like forwarding address and billing info. You will be given an online account after ordering to view your digital mailbox.

  1. Choose your new forward mail service plan from Sasquatch Mail.
  2. After you pay for service, you will be issued a new forwarding address out of Sheridan, Wyoming.
  3. Use your new forwarding address for private mailing.

Mail Forwarding Service Information

How to View Scans of Forwarded Mail

You can view scans of forwarded mail by logging in to your online digital mailbox. This process enables you to read mail in real time. Your new digital mailbox contains all of your scanned mail and options to forward or destroy your scanned mail. At Sasquatch Mail, we make reading your mail forwarding quick and easy. As soon as mail arrives and is scanned into your online account, you will receive an email notification. Go to your account and view the scans in living color. Online mailrooms save time, money and gives you access to past mailings.

Virtual Mailbox for Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Virtual mailbox for Wyoming mail forwarding is a great process to get your delivered parcels at an address for forwarding. View your scanned mail in your online account and then make the decision on what happens to the mail next. With your virtual mailbox from Sasquatch Mail, you will have a whole mailroom at your fingertips. Use your virtual mailbox to read scanned mail, ship mail that has been scanned to your physical location, securely destroy your mail or check past scans for your mail receiving records.

Virtual Mailbox Advantages

Read Mail Instantly – Instant viewing of your mail is offered by our mail forwarding services. Read mail instantly in your online account after receiving an email notification of new scanned mail.

Unlimited Scanned Mail Storage – Unlimited scanned mail storage is a great way to look up past mailings that you may need as proof. There is not an over the limit charge. We offer true unlimited mail storage for scanned mail.

Scanned Mail TimelineScanned mail timeline is a great way to view past mails for your records and convenience.

Double Sided Scanned Mail – Your scanned mail will be scanned in double sided color. Never miss what’s on the back of your letter or invoice. Words of pictures, you will see it all with our double sided scanned mail service.

Additional Shipping Options – Sometimes scanned delivery of your mail to your online account is not enough. When you need the original copy of your scanned mail, we offer additional shipping options. You can have scanned mail physically forwarded to you by the USPS or FedEx.

How do I get mail physically forwarded to my real address?

Mail forwarding to your location happens when you need an original copy.

Mail scanning may not be enough in some cases. That is why we offer mail forwarding to your location. Sasquatch Mail offers two ways to get your original copies forwarded. One option to receive your scanned mail originals is the United States Postal Service. Send the mail through the USPS on your terms. If you need an original lightning fast, choose FedEx overnight shipping to your address.

Wyoming Physical Mail Forwarding Option #1

Physical mail forwarding to you from Wyoming can be done through the United States Postal Service. We offer priority mail. express mail and first class mail forwarding services to you from Sheridan, Wyoming. Mail scanning is usually enough. When it isn’t enough select to ship your mail physically.

Wyoming Physical Mail Forwarding Option #2

Physical mail forwarding to your address from Wyoming can also happen through FedEx. When you need an original piece of mail quickly, select our very fats Federal Express option. Get a check or important document overnight to your location from Sasquatch Mail.

Mail that has been scanned and uploaded into your online account does not have to be physically forwarded. If you want pieces of mail forwarded physically, you have the option to ship scanned mail to your private address. While you are waiting to decide on if you want the mail sent by FedEx or the USPS, we store the mail at our secure mailing facility. Your mail is under 24/7 surveillance under lock and key.

Eliminate extra costs over other mail services by shipping mail to your location only when you need it. Physical mail forwarding is a great choice to have when you want a check, contract or even an anniversary card.

Wyoming Package Forwarding

We understand that you may have a need for a package or box to be shipped from your forwarding address in Wyoming to your location. You choose the shipper and you choose the shipping rate from our package forwarding options.

Wyoming Package Shipping

Package shipping to your address from Wyoming is offered in all of our mail forwarding plans. Many people use our package forwarding service, from businesses to individuals. The business can save big time on mailroom and employee costs by adapting an online mailroom. Individuals that use this service to forward packages range from college students to the person that wants to stay private. For college students, it can be a way to get packages without the campus mailroom probing and prodding your boxes. For the personal privacy protector, it gives a great flexible public address option.