Illinois Mail Forwarding

Illinois Mail Forwarding

What is Illinois Mail Forwarding?

Illinois mail forwarding is a great way to keep a private address in Illinois for your business or personal use, no matter where you are. When you sign up for our service, you’ll immediately receive a unique address at our secure Springfield, Illinois facility. We scan all mail we receive at your new address and upload it to your account. View the full contents of your mail online or order the original documents with the click of a button.

Illinois Mail Forwarding Service

Illinois mail forwarding service from Sasquatch Mail makes mail forwarding service easy. When mail is delivered, you will get a scan in real time for instant mail viewing in your online account. We give you the tools to manage your mail efficiently. With our online account system, you can do more than just read your mail. Have originals sent to your address, destroy scanned mail and view past scans with unlimited storage. We give each customer a separate suite number that is theirs to use with their Illinois mail forwarding service plan.

Mail Scanning to Illinois

Mail scanning is the quickest way to view mail. No more long wait times for traditional mail forwarding services. When mail is delivered to your new paid mail forwarding address, we scan and get you a notification to log in for viewing. There are no postage costs associated with mail scanning.

Mail Forwarding to Illinois

With our easy click-to-request system, originals can be forwarded with the click of a button.

How to Order Mail Forwarding Service

Ordering mail forwarding service is quick and easy. Just go to our online order form for fast ordering. After signup, we issue an address, usually same day. You will be receiving and forwarding mail in no time. Sasquatch Mail is truly mail forwarding made simple.

  1. Sign up is quick and easy.
  2. An address will be issued at our Springfield, Illinois facility.
  3. After you are cleared for service, list your new address for mailing purposes.

Mail Forwarding Service Information

How do I view mail images that have been scanned?

Go to your personal online mailbox and select the piece of mail you want to view. The scanned mail will be displayed in color with both sides of each page scanned. Instant mail viewing for mail forwarding service could not be easier or faster. View mail images that have been scanned anytime you please and from any internet connection around the world.

Virtual Mailbox for Illinois Mail Forwarding

Your new virtual mailbox for Illinois mail forwarding service is the ultimate tool for mail services. You will use the virtual mailbox to view mail in real time, enjoy unlimited scanned storage, view past mailings, and forward mail physically. After you use the virtual mailbox system online, you will never want to go back to your old mail again.

Reasons for Digital Mailboxes

Mail Viewing Instantly – Read your mail as soon as it is scanned for instant mail viewing. No more long waits for the mailman to deliver your post.

Unlimited Scanned Storage – Sasquatch Mail includes unlimited scanned storage.

Two Sided Scans – The mail scanned in for you or your company will be in full color on each side of the page. Don’t miss a word of important information!


How do I get the mail physically forwarded to my address?

You choose when mail is forwarded from Illinois to your location.

The mail is automatically scanned to your online mailbox according to your mail forwarding service plan. Mail is not automatically forwarded. You choose what is important enough to physically send from Illinois. This saves everyone costs. Pay postage only when you need it. And we send out mail only when you request it. You will be given two options for physical mail forwarding to Illinois.

Mail Forwarding to Illinois Option #1

The first option you have for mail forwarding to Illinois is mailing through the United States Postal Service. Choose from first class postage to priority mail or express mail. The choice of rates and delivery times are completely up to you.

Mail Forwarding to Illinois Option #2

Mail forwarding to Illinois option two is service from Federal Express. Use the FedEx option when you just have to have something right away. This option will get you overnight shipping service with tracking.

When mail arrives to your forwarding address here, it is automatically scanned into your online mail account. The original will be kept at our facility for 30 days. Choose to have it physically forwarded or destroyed. Destruction is free. Shipping of envelopes is $0.99 plus postage. Bundle for savings.

When the mail is stored at the mailing facility for 30 days, it is safe and secure. We keep all mail under lock and key. The building is under constant 24/7 surveillance.

Is there package forwarding for boxes?

You better believe it! Ship boxes or packages with Sasquatch Mail to receive mail forwarding from Illinois to a private address. Most people never have boxes sent to their mail forwarding address and others such as customers in another country use it all the time. The option is there if you need it.

Mail Forwarding to Illinois Shipping Service

Shipping service for packages to Illinois is used by a wide range of people that need shipping services. An individual may want to stay private when dealing with certain senders. The college student that moves around a lot might need a stable address to receive care packages, not to mention a skipped trip to the campus mailroom. Business can eliminate the need for an expensive mailroom of their own. And the non citizen or expat working abroad may need an address in the US and then forwarded to them outside the country. Check out the plans below for more information.

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