California Mail Forwarding

California Mail Forwarding

What is California Mail Forwarding?

California mail forwarding keeps your mail tied to California even if you’re not. The service is straightforward. You get a unique address in Sacramento at our secure facility. Your mail comes in and we open it and scan it to your account, which you can view from anywhere. We also make it easy to request physical originals.

Choose a mail forwarding service that offers scanned mail, physical forwarding, and excellent customer support. We offer all the perks at Sasquatch Mail. Our mail forwarding plan for a California address is only $9.99/mo plus $2 for scans. Physical forwards are also available at the click of a button for $2 plus postage. Compare our prices to other providers, and you will see that we are the lowest priced service with the highest set of standards.

California Mail Forwarding Service

Sasquatch Mail will accept your incoming mail at our facility in Sacramento based on the unique suite number you’re assigned. The mail will be automatically scanned and uploaded to your online mailbox account. After you view the scanned mail in real time, you will have choices. You can have the mail physically forwarded to your residential or business address anywhere in the United States. If you do nothing, the physical documents will be destroyed after 60 days, while your digital copies are stored indefinitely.


Mail Scanning to California

Mail is scanned into your online virtual mailbox as soon as it arrives. You will receive an email notification once a new piece of mail has been scanned to your suite number. Log in to your online mailing account and view the scanned documents.

Mail Forwarding to California

Not all mail needs to be physically forwarded to you. Most of the time a scan of your mail will do. But in those cases when you need a check or credit card forwarded, traditional physical mail forwarding is available with the click of a button.

How California Mail Forwarding Works

Order mail forwarding from Sasquatch Mail to take advantage of California mail forwarding for yourself or your business. With our digital mailroom, you will be able to manage your mail with security and ease. An online digital mailbox is a great option for anyone needing an address in California.

  1. Sign up for California mail forwarding with one easy form.
  2. We email you your new address at our facility in Sacramento, usually same day.
  3. Begin using your new mailing address immediately.

Mail Forwarding Service Information

How do I view mail forwarding images that have been scanned?

Viewing scanned mail is fast, easy, and secure. Your online digital mailbox will hold all scanned mail in your online mailroom. Select the piece of mail for viewing and see it in real time. The mail scans are displayed in full color and are kept in your online account.

Virtual Mailbox for California Mail Forwarding

Waiting for mail to be forwarded is a thing of the past with mail scanning. View your mail in real time from anywhere. The virtual mailbox gives you the option to view mail scans instantly and securely. Unlimited online storage of mail is included with all forwarding plans from Sasquatch Mail LLC.

Virtual Mailbox Perks

Instant Mail Viewing – View your mail instantly with online mailbox service.

Unlimited Digital Mail Storage – All mail service plans from Sasquatch Mail come with unlimited digital mail storage.

Two-Sided Color Mail Scan – See your mail in color and see both sides of the delivered mail.

How do I get the mail forwarded to my location?

With our click-to-request service, physical forwards are one click away. Just click the box next to the icon and we’ll send you the original document.

Physical Mail Forwarding to California Option #1

Physical mail forwarding to California from your new forwarding address in Idaho can be sent by the United States Postal Service. Choose to have your mail forwarded by first class mail, priority mail or express mail, depending on your mail forwarding needs.

Physical Mail Forwarding to California Option #2

Your second option for physical mail forwarding to California from Idaho is Federal Express. Choose an overnight mail shipment when you need the originals to your location quickly!

Physical mail forwarding to California is just an option. Mail scanning takes care of most needs when it comes to mail forwarding. When you need mail such as a check or document with original signatures, physical mail forwarding is your option. After mail is scanned to your online mailbox, you will have 30 days to decide if you want the mail physically forwarded.

Physical mail forwarding is a great option when you want a check, contract or even a birthday card.

Is there box forwarding to California?

Boxes forwarded to California is an option. You can have packages delivered to your incoming mail forwarding address and then sent to you or someone else in California. Box forwarding from Sasquatch Mail is a good way to receive packages privately. The cost to ship the package depends on you. You can choose between FedEx or the USPS and you choose the postage price.

Mail Forwarding to California Shipping Service

Package forwarding to California for businesses, students or privacy protectors. Have packages sent to your mail forwarding address in Idaho and then shipped to a discrete location in California where you can pick up the item. Mailrooms at businesses or colleges can be full of snoops and maybe even a thief. Make sure your packages are forwarded with privacy and security.

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