Georgia Mail Forwarding

Georgia Mail Forwarding

What is Georgia Mail Forwarding?

Georgia mail forwarding is a good way to maintain a private address in Georgia, no matter where you are. Whether you use mail forwarding for your business or for personal use, you’ll have 24/7 access to all of your scanned mail in your virtual mailbox. When you sign up, you’ll get a unique address at our secure offices in Atlanta. We scan all the mail we receive at your Georgia address and upload it immediately so you can access your mail in real time. In your account, you can view the full contents on your mail online and order your original documents with the click of a button.

Georgia Mail Forwarding Service

Sasquatch Mail makes mail forwarding easy with our Georgia mail forwarding service. We scan your mail in real time so that you have instant access to your documents in your virtual mailbox. Our system does more than just store your mail. Included are the tools you need to manage your mail efficiently: order original documents, view all of your past documents with unlimited storage, and destroy scanned mail. Plus, you’ll get a unique suite number that is yours to use with your Georgia mail forwarding service plan.

Mail Scanning to Georgia

Mail scanning service is the quickest way to access your mail. Unlike traditional services, there is no wait time. We scan your mail as soon as we get it, and upload it to your account. We'll send you notifications so you always know when a new piece of mail is added. Better yet, there are no postage costs with mail scanning.

Mail Forwarding to Georgia

If you want the original piece of mail, our click-to-request system makes it easy for you to choose which originals you want forwarded to you with just the click of a button.

How to Order Mail Forwarding Services

Order mail forwarding services from Sasquatch Mail in just a couple of minutes. You will have all the tools you need for successful mail forwarding services. After you place your order, we provide you with an address for forwarding and top notch forwarding service.

  1. Sign up is quick and easy.
  2. Get an address at our Atlanta, Georgia facility.
  3. Once you're cleared for service, list your new address for mailing purposes.

Mail Forwarding Service Information

How do I view scanned mail images?

View scanned mail images by logging in to your online account and opening your virtual mailbox. There, you will find all of your scanned mail in one place. Simply click on the piece of mail you’re interested in and view color scans of both sides of each page. As long as you have a working internet connection, you’ll be able to access your scans anytime you want.

Virtual Mailbox for Georgia Mail Forwarding

Having a virtual mailbox for Georgia mail forwarding allows you to do so much more than just read your mail. Enjoy unlimited scan storage and view any past mailings. Easily order physical mail forwarding, view your mail in real time, and even destroy scans if you wish to. Our Georgia Mail Forwarding Service is so easy that you may never want to go back to the old way of getting mail again.

The Perks of Digital Mailboxes

Instant Mail Viewing – Read your mail as soon as we scan it to your virtual mailbox! We’ll send you notifications for new scans so you can access your mail in real time.

Unlimited Scan Storage – Don’t worry about over-the-limit restrictions and extra fees. Our digital mail storage really is unlimited.

Two Sided Color Scans – All scanned mail will be in full color on each side of the page so that you don’t miss any important information.

How do I get mail physically forwarded to my address?

You choose when mail is forwarded from Georgia to your location.

All mail is automatically scanned to your virtual mailbox, but not automatically forwarded physically. We’ve found it saves everyone money if we only send out mail when you request it. If you need the original piece of mail, you can choose what documents are important enough to send from Georgia, and only pay for the postage that you need. You have two options for physical mail forwarding to Georgia.

Mail Forwarding to Georgia Option #1

One option you have for mail forwarding to Georgia is sending mail by the United States Postal Service. USPS has several different mailing options: first class postage, priority mail, or express mail. You pick the rate and delivery time that works best for you.

Mail Forwarding to Georgia Option #2

Your second option to receive mail forwarding to Georgia is through Federal Express. If you need something right away, this is your best option. Mailing with FedEx includes overnight shipping service with tracking.

We automatically scan all the mail we receive at your Georgia forwarding address so that you can access it immediately in your virtual mailbox. We’ll hold on to the original for 30 days. Within that time, you get to choose whether you want it physically forwarded to you or destroyed. Envelopes costs $0.99 to ship, plus postage. Or bundle your mail for a better price! Want it destroyed? No problem. Destruction is free.

Your mail is stored in our safe and secure facility for 30 days. All mail is kept under lock and key, and our building is under constant 24/7 surveillance. If you decide not to have the mail shipped to your location, it will be destroyed. Mail is shredded and then recycled to prevent any threat to your privacy or identity.

Is there package forwarding for boxes?

Absolutely! Sasquatch Mail will ship boxes or packages from Georgia to a private address. Not everyone has boxes sent to their mail forwarding address, but some of our clients forward packages all the time. You get to choose the option that is best for you!

Mail Forwarding to Georgia Shipping Service

Folks sign up for shipping service for packages to Georgia for a variety of reasons. It’s a great way for someone who runs their business from their home to keep their address private. A person may want a stable address while travelling or moving to receive their packages. Businesses can avoid having to spend the time and resources to build an expensive mail room with rent and employees. It’s an easy way to stay private when dealing with certain senders, too. Check out out plans below to see if one works for you!

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