Idaho RV Mail Forwarding

Idaho RV Mail Forwarding Service

What is Idaho RV Mail Forwarding?

Idaho RV mail forwarding is a service offered to full time RV travelers. ID RV mail forwarding allows people traveling to stay in touch with friends, family, businesses and the government with a Idaho mail forwarding address. Sasquatch Mail LLC offers a mail forwarding address for RV enthusiasts in Post Falls, Idaho. With our RV mail forwarding service, you get to view your mail instantly after scanning and you can elect to have packages or hard copies of mail sent to your location. Keep your account up to date with your RV destination and we will ship mail to you via the USPS or FedEx.

How Does ID RV Mail Forwarding Work?

Idaho mail forwarding for RV riders is a simple process that makes your life easier when on the road in your RV. Mail forwarding keeps you in touch by offering scanning and physical mail delivery.

  1. Order Service
  2. Receive Mailing Address
  3. Give Out Address
  4. Mail Arrives
  5. We Scan and Forward
  6. Read Your Mail Anywhere!


Order Mail Forwarding Service – Order mail forwarding service from Sasquatch Mail LLC to obtain a mailing address. All plans come with mail scanning service and optional physical mail forwarding.

Receive Mailing Address – You will receive a professional mailing address in Post Falls, Idaho. This address for mailing will have a unique suite number just for you.

Give Out New Address – Give your new mailing address to friends, family, business contacts and as a point of contact for government institutions. This address will be your new communications hub.

Arrival of Mailed Envelopes and Packages – Once your contacts have your new address, they will send mail and packages to the address in Post Falls, ID. We accept the items for processing in a secure facility.

Mail Scanning and Forwarding – The mail is opened and scanned to your online account. This way, you can read your mail right from the comfort of your RV. Anything that needs to be physically sent, is so at your discretion. Physically sent items would be cards, checks, packages and so on.

Mail Viewing – Login to your online account from any browser that is connected to the internet. Go through your received mail and read it instantly.

RV Destinations in Idaho

Idaho offers some of the best RV country in North America. See our recommendations for some good RV living. You see the sites and we will handle the mail.


Best Idaho State Parks

Henrys Lake State Park, Idaho – This lake is a perfect destination for the Rver. A large community of great people are there with their Rvs starting in the beginning of April. This hot spot is only 15 miles away from Yellowstone National Park.

Brunea Dunes State Park, Idaho – This destination has the tallest single-structured sand dune in North America at 470 feet high. This is a true natures lover location with birdwatching, ca,mping, swimming, hiking, fishing at a desert, dune, lake, prairie and a marsh habitat. Wow!

Hells Gate State Park, Idaho – Despite it's fire and brimstone sounding name, Hells Gate is a lush and green paradise near the Snake River. With it's close location to Lewiston, you will have more activities to enjoy than you can possible handle.

Get Idaho RV Mail Forwarding

Get started and stay in contact when out in your RV. Order now and get RV mail forwarding service for just $9.99 a month!

Mail Forwarding Service Price

$9.99/ monthly
or $99.99 / year
Get Started
  • Scans: $2 flat rate per standard envelope
  • Physically mail after scanning (optional): $2 plus postage
  • No postage deposit required
  • 30 day free physical storage
  • Free shred and recycle
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number)
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Optional phone service add $9