How to Form an Anonymous Wyoming LLC

Anonymous Wyoming LLC

How to File Anonymous Wyoming LLCs

How to file anonymous Wyoming LLCs may sound like a shady instructional guide from the depths of the internet, but it's all legal! Not all states have the same statutes concerning Limited Liability Companies. If you don't have to put all your private information out there, why do it? Trust in Wyoming to get you an LLC that is private. With address, operating and management privacy protection for your business, a Wyoming LLC is one of the most popular choice for LLCs in the nation.

What is a Wyoming LLC?

The Wyoming LLC, aka Wyoming Limited Liability Company, is a business that is created with the WY Articles of Organization. The LLC can be used to open a bank account, accept money for services or goods, pay employees or hold property like a car or house. Wyoming LLCs are a hybrid of a Corporation and a Sole Proprietorship. With a WY Limited Liability Co., you have charging order protection from a court.

Who Needs Wyoming LLCs?

A WY Limited Liability Company can benefit many people that are looking to form a business. No state income tax, no member or manager listing requirements, no SSN needed, operating agreements do not need to be filed and low renewal fees are big reasons the Wyoming LLC is so popular among people in or outside of the United States.

Private Wyoming Limited Liability Company Instructions

Private Wyoming Limited Liability Company formation is a wonderful way to own a business with privacy. Make sure to follow the correct steps on achieving an anonymous WY business.

  1. Order Mail Forwarding Service
  2. Download WY LLC Articles of Organization
  3. Hire Registered Agent
  4. Pay for Incorporation
  5. File FEIN aka EIN
  6. Open Bank Account


LLC Mail Forwarding Service

Establishing a mail forwarding address in Wyoming is the first step in forming an anonymous WY company. Your Wyoming address will be the nexus for communications involving your Limited Liability Company. People, organizations and governing bodies will send notices or correspondences to your Wyoming business at this address. The mail forwarder will then forward the mail to you. Sasquatch Mail LLC offers a professional address in Wyoming for mail forwarding.


Wyoming Articles of Organization

Download the standard Wyoming Articles of Organization to familiarize yourself with the layout of what is required by the state. The articles are short and sweet. Only a minimal amount of information is required for the filing to be processed.

  • Name of LLC – The name of a Limited Liability Company in Wyoming must contain the words “Limited Liability Company”, “LLC”, “L.L.C.”, Limited Company”, “LC”, “L.C.”, Limited Liability Co.”, “Ltd. Liability Co.”, or “Ltd. Liability Company”. The filing will be rejected if the choice does not have any of these designation at the end of the name. Any foreign spellings in the name of the Wyoming business will have to be translated on a separate statement to be included with the WY Articles of Organization.
  • Registered Agent – A Registered Agent is required to file an LLC in WY. The articles require the name and physical address of your WY Registered Agent. This address must not be a PO Box.
  • Addresses – A mailing address of the Limited Liability Company and a principal office address will be disclosed on the Wyoming Ltd Liability Company filing. This along with the rest of the information is public record. Anyone can do an online business entity search with the Wyoming Secretary of State and look up this info instantly. This is where your mail forwarding address in Wyoming comes to play. List the forwarding address to keep your home or other address private on the public business record.
  • Contact Information – The signature of the Organizer, printed name, contact name, phone number and an email address will be given to the WY business filing department, for public record and contact.


Registered Agent Service

The Wyoming Registered Agent will accept any service of process or important notices at their registered office business location in Wyoming. Most Registered Agents offer a service where they will form your Wyoming LLC for you. This is a way to get private incorporation.


Private Incorporation

Private incorporation involves a Registered Agent or other incorporation service forming the LLC on your behalf. Instead of you being the Organizer and filling in all the contact info, your Registered Agent will be listed as the Organizer and their information will be filled in as the contact. You will show internal resolutions to a banker when opening a business bank account. The internal resolutions will name you as an authorized party to open the business bank account.


Federal Employer Identification Number

The Federal Employer Identification Number, or FEIN for short, is an identifier issued by the IRS for your Wyoming business. You will use this number to open a business bank account, pay employees, sell services for payment and pay taxes. You can obtain an EIN for free from the IRS online. Apply for the FEIN online here: EIN Application


Business Bank Account

Use your Wyoming LC to open a business bank account. Be prepared before you open a bank account for your WY LLC. A business banker will need most of the following things to open a business account.

  • The Filed Articles of Organization
  • An LLC Operating Agreement
  • The FEIN
  • Photo Identification Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Corporate Resolutions from Incorporator (Organizer)
  • Initial Deposit
  • Your Real Address


Following Years WY L.L.C. Maintenance

Opening a new LLC is not the end of your privacy measures. You must keep up the LLC to avoid any accidental releases of your private information. First and foremost, always renew your mail forwarding service. Once you lock in your address with the state, you do not want to lose it because you didn't pay a renewal bill. Renew with your Wyoming Registered Agent also. A resignation from your LLC with the state can cost your privacy and bank account.

You will need to file an annual report every year with Wyoming to keep the LLC active. A manager or member will not be required to list on state record. Usually, a Registered Agent will file the Wyoming Annual Report for you. This way, their signature is on the report, not yours. Privacy with an LLC in WY is not just about a mail forwarding address, you have to make sure to cover all your bases.

Start Now

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