How to File Florida Corporation Paperwork

How to File Florida Corporation Paperwork

Learn how to file Florida Corporation paperwork with Sasquatch Mail LLC. A Florida INC or Florida Corp, is a filing that lets you open a legal business in the state of Florida.


Florida Mailing Address

An address is mentioned when you learn how to file Florida Corporation paperwork. Use Sasquatch Mail LLC's mail forwarding address in Florida on your Florida Articles of Incorporation. This address is not a PO Box and it will keep you private.


Florida Limited Liability Company Dissected

Corporation Name – Choose a name that is not already taken in Florida for your FL Corp. The name must end with “Corporation”, “Corp”, “Incorporated”, “Inc.”, “Company”, or “Co”. Your filing will be rejected without this and you will lose valuable time refiling.

Address – An address will be required for the FL Corporation. You may not use a PO Box for this listing. Sasquatch Mail LLC offers a mail forwarding address in Florida that is not a PO Box.

Purpose – Fl Corps require a purpose statement for which the business is being formed.

Shares – The number of shares the FL Inc is authorized to distribute from the stock of the Corp will be listed as a requirement form the Florida Division of Corporations.

Officers – The name and title of the initial Officers and Directors is to be listed.

Registered Agent - A Registered Agent in Florida, like all other states, is a required service. The agent will accept any legal documents at their address and then notify you of delivery.

Incorporator – List the name of the Incorporator, the one who is putting together the FL Corp.


FL Corporation Filing Process

Steps to forming your own FL Corporation.

  1. Download the state issued Florida Articles of Incorporation.
  2. Fill out the articles according to the included instructions.
  3. Hire a registered agent in Florida (Required).
  4. Send the articles for a new Florida INC with $70. This fee includes the registered agent designation.


Send your Florida Corporation Articles of Incorporation with payment to:

Department of State

Division of Corporations

PO Box 6327

Tallahassee, FL 32314


Start Now

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