How to Become a Florida Resident

How to Become Florida Resident

How to Become a Florida Resident

Becoming a Florida resident is on the minds of people for many different reasons. You may want to retire to that beautiful beach filled state or perhaps you are a full time RV enthusiast that needs a home state to pay taxes. Some want to register their boat in Florida and then travel the seven seas. No matter your reason, there are steps to complete this task. Read on for all you may need to know about establishing a Florida residency.

What is a Florida Resident?

A Florida resident is a person that resides and maintains a place of residence in Florida. This is easy to prove when you are at the same address all the time but, when you live in an RV or are a full time boat traveler, this can be a difficult thing to claim. Taking the correct steps will give you legitimacy on your Florida residency claim.

Why Florida Residency?

There are more reasons to move to Florida than the beaches, weather and fun. FL has no personal income tax for residents, no personal property tax for FL residents and no state inheritance tax either. Without the government overtaxing and the low cost of living in most of the state, Florida residency can save you some major cash.

Steps to Become a Resident in Florida

The steps you take in proving your Florida residency, the better. Make sure you are considered a legal Florida resident by performing a few steps.

  1. Establish a Florida Address
  2. Declaration of Domicile
  3. Obtain Florida Driver License
  4. Register Vehicles in Florida
  5. Register to Vote in Florida
  6. Open Local Florida Bank Account
  7. File Tax Return with a Florida Address
  8. Buy Vehicle and Health Insurance Plans
  9. Establish Florida Relationships
  10. Cut Ties to Your Old State of Domicile


Establish a Florida Address

Establish a Florida address with Sasquatch Mail LLC. We offer a great location in St. Petersburg, Florida for a mailing address. All of our plans come with mail scanning, so you can view your Florida mail instantly over the internet. You can also get a Florida phone number if you upgrade to a virtual office space. See our Florida mail forwarding page for all the details.


Declaration of Domicile

The Declaration of Domicile, a form filed with Clerk of Court, states that you now reside in Florida and no longer have a domicile in another state. This form is particularly important so you can show your old state that you are no longer a permanent resident. You are required to fill out a Florida Declaration of Domicile for each person. You may not include a spouse on the same form as yourself. A notary will be required to witness your signature before you submit the document to the Clerk of the Circuit Court County Comptroller of Pinellas County, Florida. Pinellas County is where Sasquatch Mail LLC issues their addresses out of St. Petersburg.


Obtain Florida Driver License

Florida makes it easy to obtain a Drivers License when you already have one from another state, because you do not have to take a driving test if you have a license in another state. Just bring the required proof of identity and the rest is a cake walk.


Register Vehicles in Florida

Registering a vehicle and getting a title is a must when becoming a Florida resident. If you are full time RVer or boater, it is important to register and title your vehicles in Florida. When out of the state so much, you need have proof that you actually are a Florida resident.


Register to Vote in Florida

The Florida Voter Registration Application is what you will fill out to register as a Florida voter. You must be a U.S. Citizen, Florida resident and at least 18 years of age. Citizens with revoked voting privileges must have their right restored before proceeding with the voter registration.


Local Florida Bank Account

Open a bank account in Florida at a local bank that is not a national banking institution, like a local bank in St. Peterburg, FL. Open the bank account with your new Florida address for an established Florida nexus. All banks are not created equal. Make sure you shop around and find a small bank that offers an online account with mobile banking. This will make your life much easier when in the RV, enjoying yourself 2,000 miles away.


File Tax Return with a Florida Address

After you have become a resident in Florida, file your tax returns with your Florida address. Having the IRS send official notices to your address in FL is a great step in establishing legal Florida residency. This is valid because, you will have a filed government form with your Florida address on it.


Buy Vehicle and Health Insurance Plans

Buy vehicle and health insurance plans in St. Peterburg, Florida for you, your spouse and your vehicles. Choose a health insurance that offers nationwide network coverage. Getting medical attention when seeing Yellowstone National Park shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.


Establish Florida Relationships

Don't just have an address in Florida. Register with clubs and organizations in St. Petersburg. Join a church and become friendly with the clergy and members. Give to local charities. Make your presence felt in the city of St. Petersburg, your new Florida domicile.


Cut Obligations with Your Old State of Domicile

You will have a better chance of your Florida residency being respected or taken seriously if you cut ties to your old state. If your old state collects state income tax, you may want to take state specific states to eliminate that resident status. If you are registered with various organizations that are limited to that state, cancel your participation and cancel your membership agreement, respectfully. When showing proof of a state residency, you must go the full mile.


Forms to Obtain Florida Residency

Pinellas County, Florida Declaration of Domicile

Pinellas County, Florida Motor Vehicles

Florida Voter Registration

Start Now

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