Florida Virtual Office Service

Florida Virtual Office Service | Only $18.99

Florida virtual office service is provided to people and businesses that want a professional address without paying the high price of traditional office rental. With a Florida virtual office space from Sasquatch Mail LLC, you will get a great street address in St. Petersburg to list on your business paperwork, online and stationary. A Florida phone number completes the FL virtual office package.

Location of Sasquatch Mail in Florida

Our location in St. Petersburg, Florida. The building is owned and you will never have to worry about changing addresses.


Elements of Florida Virtual Office Space

Florida virtual office space gives you a modern way to rent an office with a professional appearance. The FL virtual office offered by Sasquatch Mail LLC breaks down to these main six subjects.


Florida Office Address

A Florida virtual office address provides you with a professional business address used for receiving and forwarding of mail to your desired location.

Florida Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is a service where your mail is sent to your issued address in Florida and then sent to you with your choice of delivery.

Florida Mail Scanning

Mail scanning is how mail forwarding is done in the 21st century. The mail arrives then it is opened and scanned to your online account for instant viewing.

Florida Phone Service

Phone service provides you with a Florida phone number to use with your mail forwarding address. With these two services, your mail forwarding becomes a true virtual office.

Package Forwarding

With package forwarding, you can have boxes delivered to the Florida mailing address and then redirected to your location.

Online Mailroom

The online mailroom gives you access to read your mail that has been scanned and manage your account. Sasquatch Mail LLC gives you unlimited digital storage of mail. The other guys put a cap on how much storage you get for free.


How Sasquatch Mail LLC's Virtual Office Works

The process of a virtual office space with Sasquatch Mail LLC is quite simple. Mail and phone service is automated for your business.


Mail Service

  1. Order virtual office mail forwarding for only $18.99 monthly.
  2. You will receive an address to give out and list.
  3. Mail arrives at your unique virtual office address.
  4. The mail is scanned to your online account for viewing at a flat fee of only $2 for a standard envelope.
  5. Choose to have the mail physically forwarded, if you choose to do so. The fee for physical mail forwarding is only $2 plus postage.


Phone Service

When people call your virtual office phone number, the call will be forwarded to a phone number of your choosing so that you can answer the virtual office phone call.


Rent a Florida Virtual Office Now

Rent a Florida virtual office to get started. For a fee of only $18.99 a month, you will have a virtual space at a real good price. Order below.

Mail Forwarding Service Price

$9.99/ monthly
or $99.99 / year
Get Started
  • Scans: $2 flat rate per standard envelope
  • Physically mail after scanning (optional): $2 plus postage
  • No postage deposit required
  • 30 day free physical storage
  • Free shred and recycle
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number)
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Optional phone service add $9