How to File Florida Declaration of Domicile

How to Florida Declaration of Domicile

Learning how to file a Florida Declaration of Domicile is very easy, we have laid out basic instructions below. The FL Declaration of Domicile is a form used to state that you are in fact now a resident of Florida. The document must be filed in the county where you reside with the clerk of the circuit court comptroller of recording services and official records. The declaration will be filed in accordance and in conformity with Section 222.17 of the Florida state statutes.


Florida Declaration of Domicile Instructions

The form is so simple, Florida Declaration of Domicile instructions are hardly needed. The front page of the form is to declare where you have residency in Florida. The back of the form is used if you have a main domicile in another state.

  1. In the first section of the PDF supplied by the officials in Pinellas County will be what county you are filing the document. Pinellas County is used in the instance because that is where Sasquatch Mail LLC's address is for mail forwarding.
  2. The next blank spot will be used for your name. Each person who wishes to file this declaration in Florida must use a separate form.
  3. Next, you will list the street, number, city and county of the Florida address where you maintain a place of abode. This will be your predominant and principal home with the intention of continuance of permanency.
  4. If you have other places of abode in other states, this information will be listed as requested.
  5. Sign the document in front of a Notary Public in the state of Florida and have the Notary Public swear that you have indeed signed the document in their presence.


You can download the form of Declaration of Domicile directly from the Pinellas Clerk here:


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