Delaware Business Mail Forwarding Service

Delaware business mail forwarding, used by Delaware LLC and Delaware Corporation formations, is a popular service to have among business owners. The virtual address that comes with a paid mail forwarding rental in DE is a great tool for corporate privacy and business mail automation.


Delaware Business Mail

Delaware business mail is business mail that is delivered for your Delaware Limited Liability Company or INC. The corporate mail will come from various sources, delivered to your DE virtual business address. Some mail will include notifications from the Secretary of State, mail from your clients and processing accounts (merchants, credit card companies, banks). Your mail will be received by the Delaware corporate mail forwarding specialists at Sasquatch Mail. You will receive a scanned copy of your mail and the option to have it physically forwarded to your exact location.


Digital Mail Scanning

Digital mail scanning of delivered business mail at your virtual address is the first step in Delware business mail forwarding service. You will be able to go online and read what’s inside the envelope. This will give you a quick delivery from your DE mailing address and a digital archive of all your mail. No need to save a mountain of paper in your office. Scans are sent out at a flat rate of $2 for standard envelopes. There is not a hefty charge per page, like how our competitors enforce. The digital storage is always free with Sasquatch Mail. You will save money both ways with mail scanning services.


Physical Mail Forwarding

Physical mail forwarding from your DE virtual address is only an option for your LLCs and Corps. If you read your scanned copy and decide you do not need the physical copy, it will be destroyed by our mailroom technicians. In the case that you do require the hard copy of any delivered mail, the mail will be shipped out for $2 plus postage. This service comes in handy for checks, registrations, identification cards and contracts. Never go with a mail forwarding service that only offers mail scanning. Go with both services.


Uses Other than LLC or Corporation Address

You can get much more than a mailing address out of your Delaware business mail forwarding service. Use the virtual business address for everything associated with your DE business structure.


Where to List a Wyoming Virtual Address:

  • Domain registrations for privacy.
  • Online directories, like the yellow pages or manta.
  • Incorporation documents with the state of Delaware.
  • Credit card applications.
  • Communication company contact address.
  • Website contact pages.
  • Contracts.


Domain Registration – When creating your business online presence, use the virtual address when registering your new snazzy domain name. Domain info is free to search.

Online Directories – You want to get out there as much as possible. For online directories, use your Wyoming virtual address, not your home address.

Wyoming Articles of Incorporation – The company articles are public record that anyone can search online. Mask your home address with a WY virtual address.

Applications – When using your business to apply for things like credit, you will need to provide a business address for the LLC or Corp.

Communications Contact – Phone companies and internet service providers will need your business address when starting service.

Websites – List the virtual address in the footer of your website and on the contact page. You don’t want people just showing up to your house.

Contracts – When new clients hire your business for services, you will need an address to list on the contracts. The Wyoming virtual business address is perfect for that.


Upgrade to a virtual office rental and get a phone number from Delaware to go along with your virtual space. You will have a total contact nexus in DE for your LLC or Corporation. See the plan below and order today!

Mail Forwarding Service Price

$9.99/ monthly
or $99.99 / year
Get Started
  • Scans: $2 flat rate per standard envelope
  • Physically mail after scanning (optional): $2 plus postage
  • No postage deposit required
  • 30 day free physical storage
  • Free shred and recycle
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number)
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Optional phone service add $9