Mail Forwarding
By State

US Mail Forwarding

US mail forwarding services for individuals and businesses all over the world. Purchase a national mail forwarding service plan with a forwarding address in Post Falls, Idaho. Use this US mail forwarding address to receive mail and packages. The mail will be scanned to your online account for instant mail viewing. After viewing your mail in real time, you can decide to have it destroyed or forwarded from Idaho to your home state.

Sasquatch Mail gives you the ultimate experience in online mailroom management for mail forwarding. Control your mailing address with your fingertips on any connected device with an internet browser. You can add on to your US mail forwarding address and make it a virtual office space. Adding a phone number for $9 a month to any plan will make your US mail forwarding plan a true virtual office plan.

Mail Scanning Service

Get your mail scanned from your forwarding address in Post Falls, Idaho to your online mailbox. View your forwarded mail from any state via your digital mailbox for national mail forwarding.

Physical Forwarding

Choose what mail that you want physically forwarded to your local state. From your new forwarding address in Post Falls, Idaho to your home state in a click of a button.

Virtual Office Service

Add a phone number to your national mail forwarding plan to make it a true virtual office. Forwarding address, phone and shipping options for virtual office US mail forwarding.

Choose Your Neck of the Woods

Start by selecting your state for national mail forwarding service. After you pick a plan level and pay for US mail forwarding service, you will be issued a new address. The US mail forwarding address will be issued out of Post Falls, Idaho. Have mail physically forwarded to any state and most countries. Physical forwarding is not needed in most cases because of our mail scanning service. See your mail in real time in your online account with all mail forwarding plans.